Post-Trial Motions

post-trial-motions-fredericksburg-attorney-sarah-raymondGoing through the court system is tedious and can take a long time. If you have been involved in a situation where incarceration was the result, or you have had your rights revoked, getting an attorney to assist should be your first priority. As a trial attorney, Sarah Raymond understands the process of post-trial motions, including motions to reconsider, appeals and restoration of rights.

What is a motion to reconsider?

A motion to reconsider is when a request is given to the judge after they have issued a ruling. If you have lost a case, having a capable attorney to address certain issues that need review may help the verdict sway in your favor.


The appeals process is very detailed, as it is asking the court to send your case to a higher court to reverse a decision that has already been made. Using the right defense attorney to work on your behalf in challenging the conviction or in appealing a sentencing decision could make a significant difference in the overall outcome of your case.

Restoration of Rights

Getting rights restored is a detailed and lengthy process. There are many people who are eligible for rights restoration but do not have the knowledge or means to see it through. Sarah Raymond can provide guidance and assist with filing the necessary paperwork to assist in becoming a productive citizen once again.

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