Family Law

family-law-attorney-fredericksburg-sarah-raymondThe family unit is often exposed to different situations that can impact its longevity, and the stress and strain of litigation only adds to an already volatile or traumatic situation. Family disputes are emotional and financially draining. Sarah Raymond can help in getting these disputes resolved or producing workable solutions in divorce, custodial issues, visitation and modifications. This may be a difficult process, but having representation working in your best interest to meet the needs of you and your family are key.


Divorces can be painful, confusing and messy. Having an attorney on your side from the beginning will assist in protecting your interests, rights and in getting an adequate settlement for you. Each divorce case is different from the next, and Sarah Raymond will work as your advocate and liaison during negotiations to find reasonable solutions.


Custodial issues can be very complicated, especially when the parents are not on the same page. Children are often caught in the middle of this process, resulting in volatile situations. Sarah Raymond understands that the welfare of the child is the primary issue. Every client is educated on the process, and careful evaluation of the situation is processed to determine the right course of action. You can rely on a fair and complete assessment of all circumstances, with the intent of having both parents communicate and work together for cooperative situation. The overall goal is to make sure the best interest of the child is met.


Establishing visitation during a divorce proceeding, or having parents comply with outlined visitation schedules can be a tricky situation. There are instances where children are withheld from the other parent, or the parent is accused of kidnapping. Sarah works with her clients to have positive outcomes, regardless of the situation to ensure proper representation on their behalf.


Going through the modification process can be very frustrating, especially when attempting to do it on your own. Whether the modification is for custody, visitation or child support, knowing the intricacies of the law is important. Having an attorney working on your behalf can alleviate confusion and get you in front of the judge to hear your case quicker than if you were representing yourself. Many individuals do not understand the process of filing a motion, or in comprehending legal jargon. Your counsel can help you get through this process with positive results.

Family law is a very detailed specialization that should not be tackled alone. Contact Sarah Raymond to assist in getting you the outcome that you want.