Criminal Law

criminal-defense-fredericksburg-attorney-sarah-raymondIt is important to have a capable and aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side. Having the right attorney working on your behalf can make the difference between a positive or negative outcome that could severely impact the rest of your life. Raymond Law PLC represents a number of areas in criminal defense, including traffic, juvenile adjudication, misdemeanors and felonious crimes such as sexual assault, drug possession and larceny.


Traffic situations can quickly escalate out of control and become negative blemishes on your record if not properly handled. There are a number of instances where representation is needed, from traffic tickets that could leave your license permanently suspended, to DUI infractions. A number of situations can result in revocation of driving privileges or incarceration.

Juvenile Adjudication

Juvenile adjudication occurs when your child is charged with a criminal offense or deemed a child in need of services/supervision. Raymond Law PLC will help you and your child understand how the juvenile justice system works differently than the adult system. The ultimate goal is the rehabilitation of the child and not punishment. A juvenile court judge has a wide range of options and services available to the court, and having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to advocate for those alternative dispositions is key to protecting your child and their future.


Although most people take misdemeanors lightly, they are punishable under the law and may result in incarceration if not handled by adequate counsel. These are not situations to take lightly, as a stint in jail could hinder your employment and quality of life.


Felonies are categorized as the most serious of crimes, and include sexual assault, drug possession and grand larceny. A felony charge may remain on your record forever, limiting your opportunities in the future. Additional penalties associated with felonious crimes include criminal registrations, inability to find viable employment, revocation of rights and other circumstances that can possibly be prevented with good representation.

It is important to have someone who is experienced within the legal system and knows its intricacies to provide effective representation that can get results. Do not put yourself in a situation where you are facing a losing battle. Raymond Law PLC can give you affordable and realistic options to help provide a chance for a positive future. You’ve found the best attorney in Virginia, serving the City of Fredericksburg, Stafford County, Spotsylvania County, King George County and Caroline County. Contact us today!