Raymond Law PLC

Obtaining a competent attorney that can achieve results is important when dealing with legal proceedings. Any situation with legal ramifications attached can be confusing and overwhelming, but you are not alone. Raymond Law PLC serves clients based on experience and high standards of excellence in the areas of criminal and family law.

Operating with attention to detail and cost-effectiveness, Raymond Law PLC counsels and educates clients on the entire legal process as it relates to their case. Utilizing the latest in technology, clients have online case file access using the “My Case” system to stay apprised every step of the way. The legal process is detailed and intricate. You can rely on Raymond Law PLC Raymond to gather information and carefully analyze every aspect of your case to strategize for a thorough defense.

With years of experience as a trial attorney, every client can feel confident in their defense representation. Raymond Law PLC takes an honest, caring, realistic and direct approach in seeking effective alternatives and resolutions for each case. Offering an objective and fair evaluation of all the components of the case, all efforts are personalized to meet the demands of each situation with diligence and integrity.

Raymond Law PLC focuses on what matters most to you – the future. Don’t leave your legal situation in the hands of the law. Having proper counsel and representation is important to your livelihood. Current servicing locations–Virginia –City of Fredericksburg, Stafford County, Spotsylvania County, King George County and Caroline County. Contact Raymond Law PLC today!